With their ambitious second album, ‘Ores and Minerals’, ready for release on February 18th via FatCat Records,Mazes have shared the self-made video for new song “Skulking”.

The video was made by Mazes’ own Conan Roberts, who has said of it, “As a band I’d say we’re all pretty uncomfortable having our photos taken and being in videos. But as a life-long fan of music videos and a film maker, performance videos to me have always been the most interesting approach. I shot the video in a way as to have that performance element yet not make us all feel like performing monkeys and mirror the sense of repetition found musically in the edit. There’s something fascinating about repetition and how your brain can warp the same image or musical note. There’s subtlety and then there’s emphasising a point relentlessly. It’s more satisfying.


MAZES- SKULKING from Conan Roberts on Vimeo.