Following his hiatus from “Starsailor”, singer-songwriter James Walsh is set to release Lullaby in September; an adventurous album inspired by the themes and characters of a forthcoming film of the same name. Walsh co-wrote Lullaby with Grammy award-winning Sacha Skarbek, who has written for Adele and Duffy and also penned international hits; such as James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” and Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die“.

A truly unique project, Lullaby is at once both a one off album and a forthcoming film, inspired by Chuck Palahnuik’s (author of Survivor and Fight Club) bestselling book of the same name. After optioning the book, the film’s producers, the multi award-winning Smith & Jones Films, sought to bring the project to life through both film and music and duly approached Walsh and Skarbek with their vision.

Working from a list of song titles, visual references and notes provided by the film’s director, Walsh and Skarbek wrote a beautiful collection of songs, recorded at Abbey Road studios, that showcase Walsh’s newfound maturity of sound which is at once both sophisticated and raw; perfectly complementing his powerful voice and engaging the captivating themes of the project.

“It’s an honour to be a part of the Lullaby project and to work with such incredible people,” enthused Walsh. “I am a huge fan of Chuck Palahniuk’s writing and the opportunity to bring ‘Lullaby’ to life through music was too good to pass up. It also meant that I got to collaborate with the incredibly talented songwriter Sacha Skarbek, also Natalie Press; who is fast emerging as one of the best actresses of her generation, and of course Smith & Jones; the film’s production company who are responsible for some of the most innovative short films, music videos and adverts of recent years.”

Lullaby the album is out on September 17th and will act as a forerunner to the project’s film release next year; a dark satire that follows journalist Carl Streator’s battle to disempower a murderous African culling song and in doing so, raises a debate on the power of the written word in the 21st Century.

Lead single “Start Again“, out now, is inspired by the relationship between Lullaby characters Mona and Oyster, who are played by Natalie Press and Walsh respectively in the accompanying music video.